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LIVE THE GOOD LIFE & THE AMERICAN DREAM Well into your 80’s and 90’s OR Look For A Home Away From Home

Older Americans struggling to survive on the average Social Security check which comes to more or less $1,200 many are turning to more affordable locations through out the world to stretch their monthly income.

 What These 5 Cities Have In Common?

Boquete, Panama │Granada, Nicaragua │Hangzou, China

Morelia, Mexico │Cuenca, Ecuador

You guessed it.  These five cities according to U.S. News are affordable on very little income, which is compelling many of our retirees to move to foreign lands. Seniors living on just social security pensions see an opportunity to reduce their cost of living expenses dramatically.

Boquete, Panama is super friendly to foreign residences giving them a long list of benefits including discounts on prescription medicines, in-country air travel and offering closing cost on the purchase of local real estate.

 Granada, Nicaragua is a charming Spanish-colonial city. Seniors only need around $900 a month to live well on.

Hangzou, China offers an exotic life for about $1000 a month.

Morelia, Mexico is another historic city full of charm and for $1,100 a month you can live life very nicely.

Last on the list is Cuenca, Ecuador. You use up just about all of your $1,200 a month to live here but its all worth it when it comes to climate control.  Ecuador is the land of eternal springtime, never too hot and never too cold.

Personally I’m not ready to pick-up and move. America is the land that I love. I’ll visit. I’m happy to explore and take trips, but the good old USA is where I call home and want to hang my baseball cap!

If you feel the same… then you’ll want to keep on putting money into your savings, retirement plans and investments.

The “New Normal” Is You Have To Savings More!

We are living into our 80’s and 90’s (God willing) which will require our money to last longer.

Don’t put all your hopes into Social Security being your ticket to financial freedom when you retire. You’re kidding yourself if you think this is your retirement “meal ticket”. It won’t be and it was never meant to be your only source of income, and it never will.   

I recommend socking away money monthly. Make it automatic. Just do it…you’ll be thankful you did as you get older.

For those of you thinking right about now that you are stretched thin and don’t have even a penny left over to save. I challenge you to take a hard look at where you spend your money now.  In my years of helping families I can tell you that your reality of not having money left over may be more of a denial of what you “want” verses you “need”.

Want V.S. Need

  • You may “want” your child to go to a private school, but if you don’t have six to eights months saved for emergencies.  It’s not a “need” it’s a “want”.

If you don’t have emergency money set aside you are putting your family at risk!

We all want the best for our kids and that starts with a good education. You may not be happy with the public schools in your neighborhood. If this is the case I urge you to strongly consider moving to an area that offers a good public education. Take the tuition money you spend and put it into an emergency fund.

Your kids will understand that the family needs to have an emergency fund. The lesson you will be teaching them is worth its weight in gold.  It’s not a punishment. It’s about keeping the family save.

  • You may “want” to take your family to dinner once a week, nothing to expensive, let’s call it a Friday Pizza Night.  

You’ll spend at least $40 bucks maybe more. Do this every Friday and that’s $160 a month that could go into savings. In a years time that’s just under $2,000 you’ve saved.

Again if you don’t have an “Emergency Fund” and putting at least 10% of your pay check into your retirement account monthly – this is a not “need”.

 You are putting your family at risk.

I suggest a family cook night. Let the kids choose a healthy menu and make it a theme night. Save the money you would have spent eating out.  If you have emergency fund of six to eight months saved… I like to offer the kids an affordable vacation to thank them for pitching in and helping the family save money. 

  • You think you “need” to buy the latest new fashions or electronics for yourself or your kids.

If you do not have six to eight months socked away in an emergency fund. This is a “want”. You all can get by nicely with what you have.  Let the kids know they can help by taking care of their stuff so you’re not out replacing broken or torn items.

If you have not made your future retirement income needs a priority by investing at least 10% of your monthly income into your retirement plan than this is a “want”.   Pass – Pass – Pass!

You are putting your family’s needs at risk and your retirement needs at risk too!

Please don’t depend on the government to provide 100% of your needs as you get older. If you do you may end up moving in with you kids or moving to one of these five foreign cities to live.

Some of you may find the idea of living with your kids comforting. Some of you may be excited about retiring to a foreign country to live out your days. Or it may scare the pants of your kids thinking dear old mom and dad are moving in or leaving the country for good.  Or worse! We don’t want to be a burden from a financial or health standpoint when we get older.  So taking care of your money and health becomes a priority now more so than ever. 

If you have not planned out your budget we offer a FREE interactive budget that you can use to see and adjust your monthly expenses.

E-mail and put FREE – Family Monthly Budget in the subject line. We will e-mail you out this template.  It’s easy to use even if you are not computer savvy.  The best part is it will be obvious where you can tighten up your spending and shift more into your savings.

 Get this FREE Family Monthly Budget template and start saving more!

 Think of your money as “fuel”. The more you have the further you can go. If you have a lifestyle that’s modest you may need less to live on later.  Savings is still important.

If you have a large monthly expenditure you will want to maintain into your later years… you better be putting away a good chuck of your income now.   Or you may have to downsize your life later.

Rule of Thumb:  For every $100,000 you have saved for retirement you can withdraw $5,000 a year with a very high probability that you will never have to dip into your principal.

To help you figure out just how much you’ll need to save monthly give us a call. We’ll be glad to get you started on a path to financial security.

Call Toll FEEE and get the peace of mind knowing you can retire and still afford the American Dream to live “The Good Life”.

 Call Now: 1 (866) 339-6400.

For those of you who find it’s too late in your life to save more and are retiring on a shoe-string, here are links to help you begin to research your relocation options. The five cities you may want to consider looking into to relocate your home outside of the U.S.

Good luck, safe travels and God Bless.

5 Retirement Destinations Outside of The United States of America:

  1. Boquete, Panama
  2. Granada, Nicaragua:
  3. Hangzou, China:
  4. Morelia, Mexico:
  5. Cuenca, Ecuador:

Learn more about the services we provide. Visit our web site:

 Joyce Blonskij is a Financial Advisor with over 25 years experience working with clients and their investments. With over 18 years of her career at with a major Wall Street firm she was among a few client advisors to achieve their highest level of recognition for her hard work, as a Senior Vice President – Investments.  She was also recognized for her ethics, hard work, mentoring other women financial advisors and her over all excellence. She spent 10 years in the Savings & Loan Industry as a branch savings and loan manager.

Today Joyce has her own financial services firm, Blonskij Financial Services, in Roseville California. She opened her doors in 2003 to be able to offer our clients a full array of investments, and to improve on the quality of research and internal services being offered.

Mrs. Blonskij graduated from California State University, Sacramento and has a Bachelors of Arts degree.  She also holds a certificate in Estate Planning for Financial Professionals with the American College.

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October 8, 2010 at 2:01 pm

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