FINDING THE WISDOM TO STEP INTO THE MARKET ISN’T ALWASYS EASY… especially when the stock markets of the world are dropping.

May 20, 2010 at 8:25 pm

Roseville, CA – Joyce Blonskij, Financial Advisor & President – Blonskij Financial Services Inc.

 Here is some bright news for those of you wanting something tangible to latch on to:

 •  The US employment numbers are getting better.

•  The US housing markets are stronger.

•  The US economy is stable.

On the other side of the Atlantic our EU neighbors are feeling the pain of major problems to their beloved Euro thanks to problems in several of the EU countries; Greece, Portugal, and Spain.  A trillion dollars has been pledged to help bail out Greece, and this news alone has calmed markets globally.

However, just like our TARP bail out last year here in the US, it has to be voted on and agreed to.  That brings up one looming problem… the government in Germany just changed hands and the new labor party is not to keen on a bail out of a trillion bucks!  Until a plan has been put in place in for Greece the markets will continue to be choppy. 

So what does an investor do in times like we just experienced when in a single day the US Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) drops nearly 1000 points?

This answer is going to be different for everyone!

Knowing what you’re investment goals are will determine your course of action.

I want to point out that as our economy improves, inflation will start to creep back and prices will begin to move higher for our day-to-day commodities like gas, coal, natural gas, and industrial materials and metals. I suggest planning ahead and looking for risk averse investments that will make money when inflations starts back.

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Happy Trades To You…

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